Architect, developer, startup founder and more. I have created and worked on a number of successful apps that range in technologies. I'm passionate about tech, its applications and how it's used. I'm always on the lookout for innovative ideas that I can help with.

On the back-end side, I have architected and developed large-scale APIs and bi-directional socket services that could handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users (with capacity for millions).

I have also created highly interactive UIs for both iOS and Web. With the benefit of understanding the inner workings of the full stack, I am able to optimize costs and create great user experiences.


CTO / Tech Co-Founder

FanBeat is a real-time game that lets sports fans play against each other live for chances to win prizes and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities by making predictions and answering trivia.

  • Tech Co-Founder of the startup from initial conception through partnerships with teams, media companies and brands.
  • Architected and led development on the full stack of tech; iOS / Android / Web / API / Socket
  • Hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users, thousands of transactions per second.
  • Developed highly-interactive UI that has received lots of accolades from fans and partners.


iOS Developer

SendIt is an app that allows creation of Snap stickers and ability to receive anonymous responses to creative questions.

  • Developed the MVP of the iOS app.
  • Implemented the immersive UI design for creating stickers and inbox for receiving responses.
  • Worked on SnapChat integration and tied in with login functionality.


iOS Developer

BLOCKv provides a development platform for creating and sending digital objects. They've created a portfolio of apps that use their services to showcase their capabilities.

  • Worked on a iOS app for their platform called "RoundUp". Students on campuses could attend events that would give them points they could redeem.
  • Developed UI and integrated API.

AT&T Digital Life

iOS & Window Phone Developer

Digital Life is AT&T's IoT brand that provides the ability to control your home from anywhere. Users can turn their lights on and off, lock and unlock their doors, secure their home, watch video from their cameras and more.

  • Worked on teams of developers to create v2.0 of their services for iOS and Windows Phone apps.
  • Implemented UI designs, integrated video streams and developed API integration.

Macy's Systems and Technology

Windows Phone Developer
  • Worked in a team of developers to create an enterprise-level Windows Phone app that is used by sales professionals in Bloomingdale stores.
  • The Windows Phone app provide sales professionals with real-time data on their clients as well as advanced POS functions to allow them to disconnect from their terminals.
  • Architected core of the app and implemented UI.


Innovation Architect

Engauge (now Moxie) was an integrated marketing and advertising agency. I worked in its digital arm that was responsible for digital products that ranged from large-scale company websites to innovative tech tasks.

  • Architected tech solutions for many client projects.
  • Worked with many technologies and platforms such as iOS, Node.js, C#, Android, Windows Phone, Kinect, PHP and Java.
  • Pursued, utilized and tested new technologies to keep the organization on the forefront of the industry.
  • Showcased and promoted technology both internally and at company-hosted events.
  • Defined and improved development best practices by collaborating with developers to determine what works and what doesn't.
  • Worked in a team environment to conceptualize around new emerging technologies and trends, providing useful and relevant ideas that can be put into practice with clients.

Collinson Media & Events

Full-Stack Developer (iOS/API)
  • Designed and built a modular REST JSON API, white label iOS app, and mobile website specifically for Collinson's use at client conferences and events. The apps and API provide the data and information service that both vendors and attendees need. Their flexible design allows Collinson to rebrand and add features as clients desire.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Application Developer
  • Worked with the Enterprise accounting team to create applications to automate manual processes.

CJIS Group

Website Developer
  • Developed the front and back-end of the CJIS Group website.

CMA Technologies

Application Developer
  • Developed and maintained a database application for use by nonprofit and government organizations and healthcare providers.
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This is the core product of FanBeat, a real-time game that lets sports fans play against each other live. I co-founded the startup and architected the full-stack solution that allows hundreds of thousands of users to simultaneously play. There is lots of tech that makes this game work and I'm proud of every bit of it.

FanBeat Daily

FanBeat Daily

FanBeat Daily is another FanBeat game that lets skilled players choose Over/Unders for their favorite players to win cash. I architected the full-stack solution, implemented payments and withdrawals, game mechanics, winning/losing, integrated sports feeds and created an admin portal.



SendIt is a fun app for creating Snap stickers and posing questions on SnapChat with anonymous replies. I helped create the MVP of the iOS app, and worked on iterations of it as its user base rapidly grew.



The RoundUp app (now defunct) made its way onto college campuses as a way to entice students to attend certain events by awarding points they could redeem. I helped create the MVP and create the iOS architecture.

Nest Thermostat - Windows Phone 8

Nest Thermostat - Windows Phone

This is an unofficial app for Windows Phone that allows users to control their Nest thermostats from anywhere using their Windows Phone. It was designed and built as an independent project to give the Windows Phone community a much needed way to control their smart thermostats.

AT&T Digital Life

AT&T Digital Life

Digital Life is AT&T's IoT and home security solution. I worked with teams of developers to create a v2.0 of their service. I worked on UI and integration points with a variety of automated lights, door locks, keypads and video feeds.

Martha Stewart Everyday Food

Martha Stewart Everday Food - Microsoft Store

Teamed with Microsoft and Martha Stewart to build a Windows app for Martha Stewart's Everyday Food brand. The app provides Everyday Food recipes, a daily new recommended recipe, and instructional Sarah Carey videos. The app utilizes the Windows panarama tile interface to give a simple but good looking design that gives people the ability to easily search and filter to find the recipes they want.

Home Depot - Countertop Estimator

Home Depot - Countertop Estimator

The Countertop Estimator is a tool for customers to create estimates at home for the purchase and installation of countertops offered by Home Depot. The estimator gives an array of options the user can sort through and choose, like surface type, surface color, edging, cutouts, sinks, etc. Once all the options are selected, the estimator takes the customer's measurements and gives them a price at their preferred store. The customer can then schedule an appointment to talk through the estimate with a kitchen professional.

Food Lion

Food Lion

Led the development effort for Food Lion's main site. The site is fairly complex with many moving parts and provides a highly customized experience for each individual user. The site experiences a weekly traffic spike from people receiving the Food Lion weekly email containing deals and offers for a user's preferred store. Site Performance was a must, and many optimziation and caching strategies were implemented to ensure the site has a good response time. The site is tied into multiple 3rd party APIs, which provide access to things such as the loyalty card system, coupon program and mailing list provider.

Outback - TableMates

Outback - TableMates

Led a team of developers to create a multiple application solution for Outback's new trial Social Loyalty Program called TableMates. The team created a website, mobile website, iOS, and Android app, which all talked to a centralized API for account and informational data. Partnering with one of Outback's POS vendors, we provided the business rules desired by Outback to allow users to gain points and get rewards for going to Outback and inviting their friends.


Swift, Objective-C


API, Socket, Express, etc.




React, Angular, Redux, etc.



AWS, Azure

Source Control

Git, SVN


CircleCI, Jenkins, etc.

Package Managers

SPM, CocoaPods, NPM, etc.

Unit Testing

Elon University

B.S. in Computer Science
  • Science Honors
  • Developed "Connect Four" AI that competed and won in regional contest.
  • Granted stipend for research into AI in the area of Natural Language Learning and Comprehension. Successfully created a Tic-Tac-Toe program that learned from player behaviors and speech to predict future moves based on spoken input.
  • Regular competitor in regional ACM programming competitions.
  • As part of a team project, I developed an AI for a board game called "Deflection" that successfully beat the game creator.